Christmas 1945: Home is a walk through experience that takes place in eleven different venues. 

When you arrive you will need to register at the welcome desks. You will be assigned to the first available starting time.

Reservations will be available on this site to reserve particular starting times between 6:00 and 9:00 pm each evening. If you have a reservation it is important that you confirm your reservation in person at least 5 minutes before you scheduled start time.  Note that reservations are NOT required. We will get you and your group into the first available start time.

Groups of 50 begin their journey every 12 minutes. Our docents will lead you through the story. 

Comfortable walking shoes are important. Much of your evening will be outside.

Seating is provided for some during most of the venues. A few venues will provide seating for everyone.

While we will make every effort to keep you safe, you should know that you will be walking into and out of a variety of rooms, along sidewalks, parking lots and open fields.

If your walking pace is slower than others, we ask that you allow those who walk faster to pass you, they will save you a seat. 

It is important to understand that each scene begins on a schedule that cannot be delayed. On some occasions you may enter a scene already in progress.  

It is vital you remain with your group at all times and that children be accompanied by an adult through the entire journey. 

The evening is meant to be suitable for children but there are some loud and disturbing events portrayed in our story including multiple deaths. 

Your evening’s journey will total 78 minutes.