The Story

Americans anticipated that Christmas 1945 would be their greatest celebration.

At great cost, enemies in Europe and Asia had been defeated.

Two million Americans were still serving overseas, but tens of thousands were struggling to be home for Christmas.

Christmas in the USA 77 years ago was full of joy and sorrow. Whether World War 2 is memory for a you or only a vague historical echo from the distant past, we invite you to walk through these true stories.

Two of our adventures appeared on the front pages of newspapers around the world.

In early 1945 an American soldier returned from war only to discover that in coming home he had left home. His reckless gamble to return stunned many, angered some and won the admiration of most.

For three others, being home for Christmas exploded into a fight for survival. While still fighting Japan, the U.S. military had to develop a rescue from a stone age world.  America held its breath. Would they be in time? Would it work?

That Is the Spot To Hit